“Creating Passive Income 

My “main business these days is Website Designing. I also provide Social Media and Graphic Design services. However, although I love what I do, I’ve long gotten over the burning the midnight oil phase to keep my business afloat so I maintain a limited client roster at any one time. I like to say I LOVE making money but I HATE having to work 24/7 to do it! With that mindset, I had to seek other less time-comsuming ways to keep my bank account ka-chinging! After many false starts and chasing after some ill-thought out dreams, I finally figured out how to make money while I slept or played… doing stuff I enjoy doing!

I’ve settled on these three methods: Affiliate Marketing, Selling Swag and Selling Content. Each requires work and comittment BUT, using some basic tools and following some fairly easy steps with consistency, you can make it work. 

You can check them out and hit me up if you’d like to chat about creating Passive Income to help fulfill your financial goals! 

Affiliate Marketing

Learn how to sell swag to earn passive income as an affiliate

Selling Swag

Learn how to earn passive income selling swag

Selling Content

Learn how to earn passive income selling content

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