Welcome to Mortimer Candies

…. a Sweet Bahamian Tradition Since 1908.

Welcome to Mortimer Candies

…. a Sweet Bahamian Tradition Since 1908.

we have added the Childrens Home of GB to the list****

COVID19 has taken a toll on all of us and in an effort to help us generate business to allow us to keep our employees on the payroll, AND to share some sweets, no tricks,  for Halloween, we’re launching our SPOOKY & SWEET Campaign!

NB: this secure page is hosted by Gina Mortimer Storr on our behalf so that we are able to accept online payments.


Patrons will make donations in any amount. Once the donation period (Oct 12 – 25)  is completed, we will provide treat bags for the children in each of the participating homes, equal in value to the per child amound collect. We are committed to ensuring no child at the participating homes will be left out and will ensure your donations are used in the most cost effective way.

We are pleased to have the opportunity to provide for the residents of these homes:

  • Ranfurly Home for Children
  • Elizabeth Estates Children Home
  • Bilney Lane Home
  • Children’s Emergency Hostel
  • Lend-A-Hand Youth Program.

Based on the current occupancy at each location, there are approimately 100+  we hope to serve. In anticipation of the generosity of our customers and friends, once we have fulfilled the needs of the mentioned homes, we plan to make any overflow product available on a first come first serve basis to others.

  • Bring cash to the store  (any amount)
  • Pay online (below) with your Bahamian or US credit or debit card, using our secure payment portal. Minimum online payment amount is $10.00. Online payments (minus processing fees of 2.9%) will be deposited to the MC account within days of your payment being processed.

If you wish to pay online, you may use your Bahamian or US Credit or Debit card using the simple form on ths page. You minimu $10 payment is secure and you will receive a receipt to the email you enter in the form.

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